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Press Play: Video Treasures

Posted in Press Play by Ciara on October 23, 2009

I have made some really great discoveries on YouTube today!  First, Lady Gaga in a fashion short!  Got to say I love the asymmetrical bangs she is rocking in this and the editing is pretty great as well.

[edit] Video has been removed from YouTube because of copyright issues – Bummer. [/edit]

Secondly, may I introduce you to the fabulous Kandee Johnson!  I only recently found out about Kandee’s amazing makeup tutorials and, I must say, I am in love!  She is hilarious, beautiful, and beyond talented!  Here are a few of my favorites.

It is UNCANNY how much this lady can make herself look like Johnny Depp as… Edward Scissorhands!

As the Iconic Barbie…

… and Michael Jackson!

This is just a sampling of Kandee’s amazing work!  Check out her blog, Kandee The Makeup Artist and her YouTube Channel!



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