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Alexander McQueen: Final Collection, Paris 2010

Posted in New Collection, Personal Note by Ciara on March 11, 2010

Sorry for my absence as of late – we have finally made the move to Asheville, NC!  I’ve been unpacking and getting all of those moving details squared away for the past while.  I will be getting some photographs of my new home and the style of the Asheville streets very soon.  But first I have to unpack my closet…  😉

Yesterday I came across images from Alexander McQueen’s final collection and a beautifully written article about the legend and his last works.  The 16-piece collection was only at 80% completion at the time of his death and draws inspiration from the art of the Dark Ages but with a new perspective, incorporating mohawk, feathered headpieces and specially ordered fabric that translated digital photographs of demons by Hieronymus Bosch and high-church angels.  I feel a kinship to this concept of juxtaposing the new and the old, the digital and the…  analog, art and technology.  It is one element as to why I’ve always been such a fan of Alexander McQueen.

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection.  View the entire collection at

I can’t help but think that these pieces are only a small part of the entire vision.  One can only imagine what artistry would have encapsulated this collection on the runway.  The simple and intimate showing of this final collection may not have been what McQueen had in mind –  it was his showmanship as well as his garments that made him what he was – but it offered his close friends and colleagues a moment to reflect and one last look.

Photos: via
Christopher Moore / Courtesy of Alexander McQueen


NYFW: Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Posted in Designer Watch, New Collection by Ciara on February 13, 2010

Though Rag & Bone duo David Neville and Marcus Wainwright have been designing for women since 2005, their Fall 2010 RTW show is the first time their women’s collection has been shown apart from the menswear.  They explained that their inspiration for this collection was taken from the “crazy English guys who climbed Mount Everest in the twenties in tweed.”  Ah-ha.  As a fan of knits (gosh, I love me some “sweater-dressing”) I was thrilled to peruse the images from this show full of textures and patterns that make me not dread the continuous freeeeezing weather everyone seems to be experiencing this winter.  Here are some of my favorite samplings from the show.

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

Rag & Bone Fall 2010 RTW

View the entire collection at

And for all of you fashionistas who, like myself, are sadly not in NYC to enjoy NYFW first hand…  I present to you a selection of shows that are available to watch live streaming online.  Here’s the who and where for you to schedule in:

Via NBCNewYork

Christian Louboutin A/W 2009 + Barbie

Posted in Designer Watch, New Collection by Ciara on December 3, 2009

I am absolutely enchanted by the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection by Christian Louboutin!  As always, such gorgeous shoes that will now begin to haunt some of my wildest footwear dreams.  Here I’ve put together a slide show of the collection.

Some of my favorites:

Christian Louboutin A/W 2009 - Esoteri

Christian Louboutin A/W 2009 - Lady Claude

Christian Louboutin A/W 2009 - Lady Lynch Lace

Christian Louboutin A/W 2009 - Very Prive Studs

And, to make it that much better, I just discovered the Barbie® by Christian Louboutin Doll!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am an avid Barbie fan and have a small, fun collection of my own.  The details of this doll are incredible!

Barbie® by Christian Louboutin Doll

Barbie® by Christian Louboutin Doll Detail

And look, matching pink Claudia pumps!  Ciara loves it!

Barbie® by Christian Louboutin Doll Detail

Christian Louboutin A/W 2009 - Claudia Pink


Marie Claire

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Posted in New Collection by Ciara on December 2, 2009

I was happy to catch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night.  There are a number of ways to take the show and a lot of elements to consider.  It was a very elaborate production with intense motion/video work projected (the transitions between which were sometimes amazing), The Black Eyed Peas performing, as well as a mini-ANTM-esque competition spliced in…  oh yeah, and then there was the lingerie.  It was part rave with a glow-stick armed audience, part concert, part performance art, and part (yes) fashion show.  Part of me enjoyed the intense mixture of stimulus overload, but part of me found it distracting.  While the fusion of fashion, culture, and art is inescapable and, I believe, a wonderful thing, I think there is also a fine line between extravagance and excess.

The range of aesthetics that the different collections spanned was very interesting as well.  Though some were not my taste per se, they were cohesive and unified in their own right.  In some, the blend of motifs within a single collection was unexpectedly genius.  The PINK collection keeps coming to mind with its blend of 70’s acid trip, retro Americana, and a pinch of uplifting patriotism.

This said, regardless of whether it was too much or spot on, each element had at least one moment of brilliance.  My main reason for watching a fashion show (as I’m sure it is for many) is for the clothes regardless of the installation/performance piece the show may become.  Here are a few of my favorites:

million dollar bra

The Million Dollar Bra

If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing on  If you saw it (or after you do), what did you think?  I wish I could find a picture of the amazing hot pink under-bust corset with the two thick, black vertical lines…  anyone notice it?  Gorgeous.

Panty Raid – Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Posted in New Collection, Uncategorized by Ciara on September 10, 2009

Though gorging myself on trashy reality tv is not one of my guilty pleasures (Project Runway is still acceptable, if not still great, even after this bizarro bump to Lifetime), the occasional melodramatic-primetime-teen-soap opera makes its way into my heart.  I adore Gossip Girl for all of its dramatics and even more for the clothes, of course, but my secret addiction is Smallville.  It was initially The Boyfriend who introduced me and at first I could only chid him over it.  Eventually, he convinced me to watch the first season and about a month later I emerged having digested the entire series, all seven seasons, with great satisfaction.  We recently rushed to the store and got season 8, the night it came out, like a midnight raid for Harry Potter…  I confess, I’m a nerd.  For whatever reason, I love the show.  Maybe it’s the absurdly over-the-top special effects, the escapism that this type of program can offer, the unfurling of the semi-relatable past of Clark Kent as he juggles the challenges of being an alien…  and going through high school…  whatever it may be, it makes Smallville particularly addictive.

All this to say I was particularly drawn to the new collection by Agent Provocateur.  I’ve been a huge fan for years.  The lingerie is seductive and spans a wide range of what one might choose to portray sexy.  The new Autumn collection plays on the idea of superheroes with a beautiful and other-wordly toothsome way.  It is dramatic and striking but not costume-y or vulgar.  The lingerie itself is gorgeous, as always, and the photography and photo-manipulation is… well, out of this world, pardon the pun. 😉

Some of my favorites include:


Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009


Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009


Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Kameelion Black

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Melody (my verrrry favorite!)

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Even without all of the glitz and space age styling, these pieces are classic and incredibly sexy for anyone looking to feel amazing.  I for one can say that in spite of a moderately higher price tag than I might love, I will very soon be adding some of these extraordinary pieces to my wardrobe.

See the full collection at Agent Provocateur