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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance = Great Fashion

Posted in Obsession du Jour by Ciara on November 12, 2009

While my bestie was up our anthem was definitely Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  We seriously danced around to it at least once a day during the week-long visit!  (I’m a bit of a fangirl and I don’t care.)  Now that the video is out I am thrilled!  (side note:  That last shot in the video?!  Seriously, I die.)

Bad Romance screenshot

Lady Gaga in Agent Provocateur

I am IN LOVE with the Agent Provocateur black Love Demi Bra and Briefs she rocks in the video.

Agent Provocateur Love Demi Bra

Not to mention pieces from Alexander McQueen’s amazing Spring 2010 collection.

I was also interested to find out that the over-the-top polar bear coat she dons later in the video is by New York-based designer Benjamin Cho. Originally created for his Spring 2004 runway show with the Human Society, the completely faux-fur coat was “reworked” just for Gaga’s video…  Gorgeous!

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

photo from The Cut



Panty Raid – Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Posted in New Collection, Uncategorized by Ciara on September 10, 2009

Though gorging myself on trashy reality tv is not one of my guilty pleasures (Project Runway is still acceptable, if not still great, even after this bizarro bump to Lifetime), the occasional melodramatic-primetime-teen-soap opera makes its way into my heart.  I adore Gossip Girl for all of its dramatics and even more for the clothes, of course, but my secret addiction is Smallville.  It was initially The Boyfriend who introduced me and at first I could only chid him over it.  Eventually, he convinced me to watch the first season and about a month later I emerged having digested the entire series, all seven seasons, with great satisfaction.  We recently rushed to the store and got season 8, the night it came out, like a midnight raid for Harry Potter…  I confess, I’m a nerd.  For whatever reason, I love the show.  Maybe it’s the absurdly over-the-top special effects, the escapism that this type of program can offer, the unfurling of the semi-relatable past of Clark Kent as he juggles the challenges of being an alien…  and going through high school…  whatever it may be, it makes Smallville particularly addictive.

All this to say I was particularly drawn to the new collection by Agent Provocateur.  I’ve been a huge fan for years.  The lingerie is seductive and spans a wide range of what one might choose to portray sexy.  The new Autumn collection plays on the idea of superheroes with a beautiful and other-wordly toothsome way.  It is dramatic and striking but not costume-y or vulgar.  The lingerie itself is gorgeous, as always, and the photography and photo-manipulation is… well, out of this world, pardon the pun. 😉

Some of my favorites include:


Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009


Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009


Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Kameelion Black

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Melody (my verrrry favorite!)

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Agent Provocateur Autumn 2009

Even without all of the glitz and space age styling, these pieces are classic and incredibly sexy for anyone looking to feel amazing.  I for one can say that in spite of a moderately higher price tag than I might love, I will very soon be adding some of these extraordinary pieces to my wardrobe.

See the full collection at Agent Provocateur