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How to Wear it: Ombré

Posted in How to Wear it, Trend I Love by Ciara on January 14, 2010

My most influential design professor often reminded my classmates and myself to use gradients with caution.  It’s a good rule to follow in graphic design and, perhaps, in fashion and beauty, as well.

In fashion, ombré generally refers to a fabric-dyeing technique that results in a subtle-to-dramatic color gradation.  Recently, this term refers not only to the clothes on the runway but models’ hair as well.

photo courtesy of Stazee's tumblr

As with the gradients one might attempt in Photoshop, ombré hair should also be approached with wariness – while this beauty trend can look amazing in photographs and on runways, in real-life it might seem as if you’ve just let your roots run wild…

This actually makes me wonder…  Is this some sort of ironic homage to the recession?  Wealthy individuals paying hundreds of dollars to get a dye job that looks like the hair of lower-income women who haven’t the means to maintain their own (at-home) color…?  I’m not sure of the implications.  I’d definitely like your thoughts on this, whether you love this look or hate it.

So, all subtext aside, maybe this (hair) trend is not for you.  There are still a lot of ways to embrace the ombré trend, from a fabulous ombré-inspired manicure to some sweet lace, color gradation tights from Urban Outfitters.

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Inspiration: Chanel Coco Cocoon Campaign Featuring Lily Allen

Posted in Designer Watch, inspiration by Ciara on December 4, 2009

First, I will readily acknowledge that I am late to this party.  Pictures of Lily Allen for Chanel surfaced back in July and the line launched in October, so forgive me my tardiness.  I heard rumors circulating about the Chanel Coco Cocoon line way back but they seemed to get lost in the shuffle of my brain until recently.  I finally sought out the images and it was love at first, albeit belated, sight.

I was a Lily Allen fan before the now fashion darling was so well known.  There is no question about her musical appeal and edgy style.  I recently heard rumors about her plan to open a designer clothing rental shop with her sister and I must say that this news is pretty intriguing…

As for her work with Chanel, I find myself enamored of the aesthetic!  The classic, timeless elements of Chanel blown up in quite a literal way (note the gorgeous plush bag in the first and third pictures) paired with the iconic Holly Golightly styling but with such a refreshing edge…  just amazing.  The choice of black and white photography only emphasizes the drama and visual contrast, especially when in addition to the signature monochromatic styling choices used that Karl Lagerfeld often wears himself.  I think the element of contrast is one of the most important in this campaign, from contrast between shades of black and white to the sophisticated homage tinged with grit.

Rumor Has It: Disco

Posted in Polyvore, Rumor Has It by Ciara on October 25, 2009

This all began with an email…  well, it began with a song which lead to an email.  To tell the truth, I might say it started with my Lady Gaga obsession…  but really it began with my mother experiencing disco and a picture box in my parents’ hall closet.

© Ciara Pickering 2009

© Ciara Pickering 2009

Tonight I was listening to Lady Gaga as I like to do to combat The Boyfriend’s recent found love of Jay-Z…  😉  I came across the video for “Disco Heaven” and kinda fell in love.

(Hopefully we will not lose this Gaga video…)

So, I was inspired and sent the song to my mother.  It reminded me of going out with my friends Dalton and B.G. (who I mentioned in The ABCs of Style Fuss) and dancing and having an amazing time.  Last night we attended a party (of which I hope to post pictures) with incredible dancing and I found myself feeling pretty nostalgic for our evening at VANDAM.

I think a resurgence of disco is an imminent possibility.  Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it has ever really died in some fun circles, just been reinvented and given a makeover…


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