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Laying Roots: New Home

Posted in Personal Note by Ciara on March 21, 2010

So, we are finally 99.9% settled in our new apartment.  We’re in a great neighborhood and location with a park right around the corner where we walk and play with the dogs.  We still have a few boxes of squirrely odds-and-ends to figure out what exactly to do with…  but for the most part we are unpacked.  Here are a few photos of the living room and bedroom.

hifi, quintessential Gray Bowen painting, blown-glass heart by Tracy Kirchman

street-facing windows, record collection, leopard-framed photo of Clark, guitar, saint candles

couch, nautilus wall, Gray and sleepy puppyX2

station: I am currently here, wonderful peagle, roughly a third of my books...

sleep here, 3rd generation awesome headboard, painting by a former neighbor of my grandmother

We’re still getting the other rooms put together but I’m into the high ceilings and the huge bathtub and black and white checkerboard tile in the bathroom.


Alexander McQueen: Final Collection, Paris 2010

Posted in New Collection, Personal Note by Ciara on March 11, 2010

Sorry for my absence as of late – we have finally made the move to Asheville, NC!  I’ve been unpacking and getting all of those moving details squared away for the past while.  I will be getting some photographs of my new home and the style of the Asheville streets very soon.  But first I have to unpack my closet…  😉

Yesterday I came across images from Alexander McQueen’s final collection and a beautifully written article about the legend and his last works.  The 16-piece collection was only at 80% completion at the time of his death and draws inspiration from the art of the Dark Ages but with a new perspective, incorporating mohawk, feathered headpieces and specially ordered fabric that translated digital photographs of demons by Hieronymus Bosch and high-church angels.  I feel a kinship to this concept of juxtaposing the new and the old, the digital and the…  analog, art and technology.  It is one element as to why I’ve always been such a fan of Alexander McQueen.

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection.  View the entire collection at

I can’t help but think that these pieces are only a small part of the entire vision.  One can only imagine what artistry would have encapsulated this collection on the runway.  The simple and intimate showing of this final collection may not have been what McQueen had in mind –  it was his showmanship as well as his garments that made him what he was – but it offered his close friends and colleagues a moment to reflect and one last look.

Photos: via
Christopher Moore / Courtesy of Alexander McQueen