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Bookmark: The Teen Vogue Handbook

Posted in Bookmark by Ciara on October 13, 2009
© Ciara Pickering 2009

© Ciara Pickering 2009

This afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a package in the manager’s office at my apartment complex and what could it be?!  My deeply anticipated copy of The Teen Vogue Handbook!!!

I must confess I am a devourer of books (and magazines) – a monster to be appeased only by print on page and the occasional glossy, gorgeous cover.  I was delighted when I got this fabulous book in the mail today and so far it is surpassing my expectations!  Not only is the layout wonderful and the colors vivid (as a graphic designer I can’t ignore these great details) but the interviews I’ve read so far with such fashion industry superstars as Marc Jacobs, Thakoon, and the lovely ladies behind Rodarte have been both amazing and inspiring.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in fashion and its seemingly impenetrable gates!  I plan to keep my nose buried in it for the next few days!



Bookmark: Diane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty: How to Become a More Attractive, Confident and Sensual Woman

Posted in Bookmark by Ciara on September 12, 2009


While Christian Siriano is showing at NYFW (literally, as I type…) I am unfortunately not there.  I have softened the blow of not being in NYC at the moment by immersing myself in other projects and today I got a surprise!  I ordered Diane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty: How to Become a More Attractive, Confident and Sensual Woman a few weeks ago and today it appeared at my doorstep!  Though I’ve only worked my way through the first few chapters at this point, I am in love with this book.  Originally published in 1976, the book offers classic and timeless advice for any woman, especially one in my peer group of the transitional twenty-somethings.  It is sincere and motivating and I can’t wait to devour it entirely.

Diane von Furstenberg will be showing tomorrow at 4pm and how I wish I was going to be there!  I can’t wait to see what she has in store!

SUN. SEP. 13
4 PM


Until next time!  Have a fabulous (rest of the) weekend!