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Date Night Look: Bright + Bold Lip and Bettie Page Hair

Posted in Beauty by Ciara on May 2, 2010

This is my first YouTube video!  In this video I show you how to do a bit of a retro-pin up look, inspired by one of my heroines, Bettie Page, and also Beyonce’s look in Lady Gaga’s Telephone video.  To view the mark. products I used in this video please visit my mark eBoutique. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!


D.I.Y. Artist Creates Lady Gaga Barbies That’ll Leave You Speechless

Posted in Art Star, Found, inspiration, Obsession du Jour by Ciara on January 4, 2010

Beijing “doll player” and strong advocate of D.I.Y., Veik, has the most amazing Flickr stream with images of his Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls!  He says he doesn’t intend to sell the dolls; he just really wants to encourage others to get crafty.  “Crafty” isn’t even an appropriate word for what he is doing — this is fine art (I hate these labels, BTW and dislike that D.I.Y. is often dismissed as kitsch, etc. but that is a discussion for another day…).  He has the evolution of the Gaga-coif down to a science and the Alexander McQueen re-creations’ details are insane, especially considering working on such a tiny scale.  I, for one, feel very inspired – I’ve recently added some new dolls to my collection, maybe they need a few Gaga-esque accessories! 😉

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Photo by Veik

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance = Great Fashion

Posted in Obsession du Jour by Ciara on November 12, 2009

While my bestie was up our anthem was definitely Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  We seriously danced around to it at least once a day during the week-long visit!  (I’m a bit of a fangirl and I don’t care.)  Now that the video is out I am thrilled!  (side note:  That last shot in the video?!  Seriously, I die.)

Bad Romance screenshot

Lady Gaga in Agent Provocateur

I am IN LOVE with the Agent Provocateur black Love Demi Bra and Briefs she rocks in the video.

Agent Provocateur Love Demi Bra

Not to mention pieces from Alexander McQueen’s amazing Spring 2010 collection.

I was also interested to find out that the over-the-top polar bear coat she dons later in the video is by New York-based designer Benjamin Cho. Originally created for his Spring 2004 runway show with the Human Society, the completely faux-fur coat was “reworked” just for Gaga’s video…  Gorgeous!

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

photo from The Cut


Rumor Has It: Disco

Posted in Polyvore, Rumor Has It by Ciara on October 25, 2009

This all began with an email…  well, it began with a song which lead to an email.  To tell the truth, I might say it started with my Lady Gaga obsession…  but really it began with my mother experiencing disco and a picture box in my parents’ hall closet.

© Ciara Pickering 2009

© Ciara Pickering 2009

Tonight I was listening to Lady Gaga as I like to do to combat The Boyfriend’s recent found love of Jay-Z…  😉  I came across the video for “Disco Heaven” and kinda fell in love.

(Hopefully we will not lose this Gaga video…)

So, I was inspired and sent the song to my mother.  It reminded me of going out with my friends Dalton and B.G. (who I mentioned in The ABCs of Style Fuss) and dancing and having an amazing time.  Last night we attended a party (of which I hope to post pictures) with incredible dancing and I found myself feeling pretty nostalgic for our evening at VANDAM.

I think a resurgence of disco is an imminent possibility.  Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it has ever really died in some fun circles, just been reinvented and given a makeover…


from Polyvore - click to view details


Press Play: Video Treasures

Posted in Press Play by Ciara on October 23, 2009

I have made some really great discoveries on YouTube today!  First, Lady Gaga in a fashion short!  Got to say I love the asymmetrical bangs she is rocking in this and the editing is pretty great as well.

[edit] Video has been removed from YouTube because of copyright issues – Bummer. [/edit]

Secondly, may I introduce you to the fabulous Kandee Johnson!  I only recently found out about Kandee’s amazing makeup tutorials and, I must say, I am in love!  She is hilarious, beautiful, and beyond talented!  Here are a few of my favorites.

It is UNCANNY how much this lady can make herself look like Johnny Depp as… Edward Scissorhands!

As the Iconic Barbie…

… and Michael Jackson!

This is just a sampling of Kandee’s amazing work!  Check out her blog, Kandee The Makeup Artist and her YouTube Channel!